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Nireno is primarily a partnership between mother and son team Caron McGregor and Andrew Morrison but we couldn’t achieve our dream without the support of a fantastic group of people both in Australia and overseas.  

In Australia we have the help of Linda and Ian Olsen (Goldbrior Golden Retrievers) when we need to meet up with people in Sydney.  

Denise Bonwick has been training and showing our dogs with great care and success in recent years.  

Pet Carriers International Pty Ltd have been our sole transport agents for over twenty years and always go the extra mile to make sure our dogs in transit get the extra TLC they deserve.

The dedicated team at Stewart Street Veterinary Hospital, Bathurst are there for us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

In 2019 we decided to stretch ourselves a little further and now have Andrew Maclure with us on a full time basis to help care for our dogs, cattle, sheep and pigs.  Talented artist and author Amy Curran spends several days a week helping to groom, train and show our dogs in competitions as well as photographing them for our website and social media platforms.

In the UK our dear friend Suzanna van Eeghen has (amongst other things) enabled us to achieve the position of being the first Australian Pembroke Corgi breeder to have bred a UK Champion, a completely unexpected dream and honour.

In Europe we are represented by Vittoria Valsecchi (Wallfugh Kennel, Italy), her husband Luca and dear friend Patrizia Roviaro.

Kenichi and Yukino Kojima of Japan (Brotherhood Kennels) are relative newcomers to show competitions and breeding, with their first litter being born in 2017.  Prior to this Mr and Mrs Kojima have been our friends and have purchased dogs from us since 2003 when they first visited us at home in Black Springs.

Paula Mitchener in New Zealand always has a special place in our hearts for her readiness to share genetics and knowledge.  If the NZ quarantine and tax laws were less restrictive we would be swapping many more corgis across the ditch than we presently are!

All members of our support team have loved dogs all their lives, and usually for many generations before them.  Their care and compassion is second to none.

The dogs and us have a wonderful life on our 340 acre property just outside of Oberon NSW where there are plenty of opportunities to run and play in the paddocks, the Campbells River and our large dams.  

Over the past couple of years we have shown our dogs internationally and have appreciated the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and make sure that our dogs are competitive with the best in the world. Having said that we must make it clear that success in the show ring is not the highest priority for us. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy, attractive Welsh Pembroke Corgis - ideally suited for all purposes and environments.  Caron is only able to travel to shows with the support of family and friends to help with our animals.

We occasionally have puppies available to suitable new homes and go to considerable lengths to prepare them for the best possible adjustment to their new lives. All dogs that leave us are happy, healthy and emotionally secure. They are not available to anyone who cannot provide them with the same level of care, love and safety that they have with us.

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